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Rising from the Persian Gulf, Dubai has become synonymous with luxury, business and achieving what seems impossible. The “City of Gold” is the largest kingdom – or emirate – of the United Arab Emirates, with fantastical skyscrapers like the 830m-high Burj Khalifa, thriving spice souks, seven-star hotels and extravagant shopping malls. For two centuries, Dubai was a small trading port with little prominence on the international stage. In just decades, it has transformed itself into a coastal metropolis and major airline hub that’s steeped in thousands of years of Arabic tradition. Visit Old Dubai (on a water bus, if you can) – it’s the heart and soul of the city, with markets, mosques, museums and historic architecture. It’s the perfect city for daredevils, a place that likes to take things to the extreme (including adrenaline sports). Skydivers can get the best view of the palm-shaped islands, man-made from sand and mountain rock. There’s also bungee jumping, an indoor ski resort, sunrise and sunset hot air balloon rides, sandboarding in the Arabian desert, race car driving, and flyboarding at Jumeirah Harbour. Families won’t want to miss Wild Wadi Waterpark in Jumeirah on a particularly hot day. It’s got more than 30 rides with an Arabian folktale theme, including a wave pool, waterslides and two artificial surfing machines. Visit Miracle Garden for a colourful background for family travel photos (with five million blooming flowers), along with the Dubai Mall, home to an impressive aquarium and zoo. A camel ride into the Arabian desert (just an hour from the world’s tallest buildings), is the perfect way to end a trip and solidifies Dubai’s magic – from an inhospitable destination has grown one of the world’s most sought-after travel destinations. Note: Dubai adheres to Islamic Sharia Law – do your reading about its laws and customs ahead of time. Best for: Adrenaline Junkies; Arts + Culture Lovers; Beach Bums; Families; Luxury Travellers; Religious Travellers

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