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10 Reasons You Need To Visit The Canary Islands

NCL has reintroduced The Canary Islands as a destination for several cruises, and there are plenty reasons to go...

5 Reasons To Take Your Kids To Mauritius

Mauritius is open to South African travellers once again, and the island is rolling out the red carpet for family visitors.

How To Recharge Your Relationship This Valentine’s Day

Spoiler alert: the answer is to get out, go travel, and break the monotony

Mauritius Is Back!

Indian Ocean island to re-open to international travellers in July


TRAVEL, LEARN and EARN in some of the world’s most attractive destinations.

5 Reasons To Make A Cruise Your First Post-Covid Holiday

Strict safety measures, improved on-board offerings, super savings, and more…

5 Mind-Blowing Underwater Hotel Rooms To Submerge Yourself In

Take a peek at some of the world’s top under ‘da sea travel experiences

Living On The Edge: 10 of the World’s Most Precariously Placed Tourism Attractions

Adrenaline junkies, get out your bucket lists for some of the world’s most dangerously placed buildings, bridges and passes to get your blood pumping!

Splash Out With The Family In Covid-Safe Maldives This Summer

Save R15,000 per person on all-inclusive packages for the luxury Club Med Kani

Yes, you can travel for leisure – tourism bodies

Leading tourism organisations argue that new regulations allow South Africans to stay overnight at accommodation within their own province.

Armchair travel: captivating books to get you through Coronavirus lockdown

Missing a little adventure as we all #stayhome? Check out these captivating travel-inspired reads.

Responsible travel in the time of coronavirus: Sure Travel’s dos and don’ts

Our travel tips for staying safe in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Treat yourself to these 5 fabulous foodie festivals in Europe

Eat your way through the European continent with these mouth-watering gastronomy events!

Believe it or not? Debunking 5 seasonal holiday myths

We separate fact from fiction when it comes to the most common seasonal travel myths.

Treasure islands: 5 reasons to visit Seychelles in 2020

Save 15% when you visit this Indian Ocean gem with Sure Travel and Club Med.

What do your holiday preferences say about your personality?

Summer wavers or snowy slopes? What your favourite travel destination says about you.

Romantic travel destinations to pledge your eternal love this Valentine's Day

Book a romantic trip to France, Italy or the UK with Costsaver and Sure Travel — and save.

8 tips to get great sleep on your next long-haul flight — whatever your budget

Sure-fire ways to get some shut eye on your next international flight, from the experts.

Want to boost your brain power? Take a trip

Do your brain a favour and book a trip to Europe with Europamundo!

Uniworld, a floating masterpiece

See Europe on board a luxury river cruise — and stand the chance to win a R500 voucher from Takealot!

Sip, cycle and savour: the case for slow travel in Europe

Forget whirlwind trips — here's why you should see Europe the slow way.

Air travel with a difference: enjoying the journey as much as your final destination

Is it possible to enjoy the flight just as much as the arrival? Delta Air Lines says yes.

Amazing races: 7 epic trips that will test your endurance

Why settle for the normal route when you can take the road less travelled?

competition Africa Local Travel

Abandoned places and ghost towns — frozen in time

These destinations are sure to give you the creeps!

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