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Planning to hoist a glass for Oktoberfest? You better book early

Insider tips for finding accommodation for the world's most popular beer festivals.

Not your average river cruise: tattoos and drag queens with U by Uniworld

From tattoo artists to celebrity drag queens, these new European river cruises chart new territory.

Time off around the world

Make the most of your days off in 2019!

How a trip to Europe could change the way you celebrate Christmas this year

Because it's never too early to start planning a festive season getaway — especially when you'll save 30% with Uniworld!

8 quirky experiences you'll only find in Ireland

Celebrate all things green on St Patrick’s Day.

Plan your office escape: 7 relaxing destinations for the weary traveller

Life's too short not to take a holiday. Save up to 40% in Mauritius with World Leisure Holidays.


10 mind-blowing things you’ll only see in the United Arab Emirates

Better, faster, taller, stronger — your guide to travel in Dubai and the UAE.

Take a staycation: 5 reasons to travel South Africa

Discover why there's no place like home!

6 ways travel can transform you

Find inspiration in new cultures, cities and people!

Be my guest: an introvert’s guide making friends while travelling

It's not the passport stamps that count but the friends made while travelling!

In praise of holidays: avoiding burnout before it starts

Why travelling can be just what your family, career — and you — needed.


10 common mistakes first-time cruisers make

Our guide to smooth sailing on your first cruise — plus save 35% with Cruises International!

Travel uncut: behind the scenes of big cruising

Your cruise ship mysteries, solved.

The best of Australia and New Zealand for first-time travellers

See more for less with Sure Travel and Qantas!

Top dos and don’ts of a snowy ski holiday

Lace up those ski boots and save 15% with Sure Travel and Club Med!

Star appeal: your guide to 8 of Europe's most iconic sites

A handful of Europe's most famous travel destinations — at this year's lowest price.

All fun no fuss: 12 essentials for happy multigenerational travel

Survival tools for your first family trip!

Captivating reads to inspire your next travel getaway

From book worm to travel bug! Save up to 40% when you fly with Qatar Airways.

Top your 2019 travel bucket list with a trip to Turkey

5 reasons to visit Turkey, a true travel gem!

The best places to travel for the 2019 summer solstice

Make the most out of the longest day of the year

6 reasons we're excited for the MSC Bellissima to set sail in 2019

This new ship takes "beauty" to a whole new level!

6 places to blow your kids’ inheritance

Spend it while you’ve got the chance...

Win a share of R25 000 in cash when you fly with SAA!

It's never been easier to travel with South African Airways — win up to R10 000 in cash!


Take a bite of Japanese cuisine with these 5 foodie cities

Discover there's more to Japanese cuisine than sushi and ramen!

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