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Australia: A Continent Of Extremes

The allure of “Down Under” is its natural beauty: dense tropical rainforests, wild coastal beaches and the Great Barrier Reef, or the Outback’s ancient Uluru rock – sacred to the country’s Aboriginal peoples. You’ll find animals here you won’t see anywhere else: kangaroos, koalas, dingos and the Tasmanian devil. Fingers crossed, you won’t bump into any unsavoury creatures, since the country is home to some of the world’s deadliest snakes, spiders, sharks and jellyfish. Urban centres like Sydney, Canberra, Perth and Melbourne are world class. Despite Australia’s reputation as the place British convicts were first sent to live out their sentences in the 1780s, it’s difficult to envision the continental country as a prison. Cities are a mix of iconic architecture (you won’t miss the Sydney Opera House), edgy street art, plenty of great restaurants and bars, and sports venues for cricket, rugby, tennis, golf and Australian football. Aussies are a lively lot – don’t be surprised if you’re invited to a new friend’s for a “barbie”, as the nation’s braai culture rivals South Africa’s. Just make sure to pair your dinner with a cold craft beer or a local wine; they’re some of the world’s best. If you’re up for some activity, visit the Blue Mountains National Park – its trails are paradise for hikers, mountain bikers, climbers and abseilers. Meanwhile, keen surfers, divers or roadtrippers will have more than their share of choice when it comes to Oz’s East Coast: renting a so-called “campervan" can be a great way to travel from town to town. Just keep in mind the country is huge – your biggest enemy will be time. Best for: Active Travellers; Adrenaline Junkies; Nature Lovers; Families; Backpackers/Budget Travellers; Road Trippers; Beach Bums; LGBTQ-friendly

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