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Where In The World Can South Africans Go?

The world is starting to open up to South African travellers, with the United States being the latest ‘big one’ to reopen its borders to fully vaccinated Saffas as of 8 November, followed by Turkey which dropped mandatory quarantine requirements on 15 November. 

 Here’s a list of where South Africans can travel to with varying degrees of ease.

Easy Access For The Vaccinated

Around 50 countries have low travel restrictions for South Africans, meaning no quarantine and you only need to prove full vaccination and/or have a negative Covid test.

America reopened its borders to South African travellers on 8 November

These include the United States, Turkey, Russia and several South American countries such as Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Columbia and Venezuela.

Closer to home Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania and Egypt can be travelled to with relative ease.

Little Harder But Possible

Around 30 countries currently have moderate restrictions for South Africans, meaning you may have to quarantine on arrival or return in addition to being fully vaccinated and producing a negative test.

 The list includes Indian Ocean Island nations Mauritius, the Seychelles, Maldives and Madagascar.

Mauritius, a favourite for Saffas, is open to fully vaccinated travellers

In Asia, you can travel to Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and South Korea.

While much of Western Europe remains mostly closed to South African leisure travellers, the United Kingdom, Croatia, Denmark, Austria and Romania will let you in with moderate restrictions.

 The same applies to Paraguay, Bolivia and Chile in South America, and in Africa Morocco, Nigeria, Angola, Zambia and Ethiopia.

Still Off Limits

Canada, Australia and New Zealand are still mostly closed to non-residents and non-nationals, as are many Western European countries such as Spain, Germany, Poland, France Greece, Italy, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

Australia remains closed to non-residents and non-citizens

Much of Asia is also still closed for holidays, including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Check Before You Book

Travel restrictions are changing rapidly, so always check for updates before you plan or book your next holiday. Contact your nearest Sure Travel agency for travel restriction updates and bookings.

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