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A sunset resort on the southwestern tip of Mauritius.
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A luxury hotel in Mauritius, shining with the vibrant energy and hospitality of authentic island life.
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LUX* Grand Gaube is a clever balance of contrasts and fresh design on the island’s northern coast. Sociable bars and atmospheric restaurants beckon, as do peaceful sundecks and serene secret gardens for when you want to hide away entirely.
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Dinarobin’s location is among the most stunning in Mauritius. The public areas consist of vast spaces under rustic thatch canopies. Reflecting ponds have transformed the main restaurant into a fairyland of twinkling lights where tables are set on the isle
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7 Nights Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa
Paradis is one of the most prestigious hotels in Mauritius. Located on a stunning peninsula, Paradis is renowned worldwide for its high profile facilities and services and first-class accommodation.
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7 Nights Shandrani Beachcomber Resort and Spa
Vast tropical grounds, a location with its own peninsula hugged by three beaches, Shandrani Beachcomber Resort & Spa is the first choice for action-filled holidays for families and nature lovers.
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Travel to Mauritius

The volcanic island, covered with lush forest, streams and waterfalls, and fringed with palms, dazzling white sands and teeming coral reefs, lies east of Madagascar just south of the Equator. Mauritius, covering just 720 square miles (1,864 sq km), is the archetypal dream destination for an idyllic beach holiday. Travel to Mauritius with Sure Travel.

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Mauritius, the volcanic island, covered with lush forest, streams and waterfalls, fringed with palms, white sands and teeming coral reefs, a paradise indeed

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