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It’s the world’s largest archipelago, stretching from the southern tip of the Malay peninsula all the way to Australia. The seismic volatility of the region means new islands are always changing and being formed – there are currently more than 17,500. Each island has its own unique indigenous cultures, religions and peoples: from the animist tribes of Papua to the Muslims of Java, or Bali’s Hindu population. Indonesia is renowned for its unbelievable tropical beaches, epic surf breaks (like Bali’s wave mecca at Ulu Watu) and colourful dive sites; its coffee and palm plantations, and tiered rice paddies; its sacred Buddhist temples and peaceful yoga retreats à la “Eat, Pray, Love” at Borobudur. The arts, likewise, are important – Indonesia boasts a rich tradition of shadow puppetry, gamelan percussion orchestras, ballet and batik-dyed textiles (particularly in places like Java’s Yogyakarta, a centre of culture and education). The stunning natural environment offers plenty of opportunities to hike – trek to Dani villages in Papua’s Baliem Valley where time seems to have stopped, or up to the steaming summit of an active volcano at Gunung Bromo. Take caution if you happen upon one of the country’s most famous inhabitants, the Komodo Dragon – it’s the largest lizard on earth and its potent bacteria-ridden saliva can be fatal for humans. Indonesia is also home to the “old man of the forest” at Tanjung Puting National Park: the orangutan. Best for: Active Travellers; Backpackers/Budget Travellers; Beach Bums; Couples/Honeymooners; Nature Lovers; Voluntourists

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