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Pristine landscapes, idyllic islands and sun-dappled seas of Croatia
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Cruise Hvar, Split, Dubrovnik and many other Dalmation Coast hotspots.
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Country Roads of Croatia, 13 Nights
Pristine landscapes, idyllic islands and sun-dappled seas of Croatia
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7 Nights, CONTIKI Croatia Island Sail
Cruise Hvar, Split, Dubrovnik and many other Dalmation Coast hotspots.
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Travel to Croatia

One of Europe’s current travel darlings, Croatia is well worth the trip – its cultural influence is credited as a mix of Slavic folklore, maritime tradition, Venetian merchants and devout Roman Catholicism. With an idyllic stretch of Adriatic coastline and island retreats, the laid-back Mediterranean mindset thrives: waterfront promenades in cities like Split, Dubrovnik or Hvar Island become prime people-watching territory in the early evening, with locals and tourists alike swapping stories over coffee and gelato. Meanwhile, the UNESCO-registered treasure, Plitvice Lakes National Park, is hopping off point for 16 terraced lakes, each linked by cascading waterfalls and wooden boardwalks. A budget traveller’s dream, Croatia is great value for money but increasingly becoming a top destination for travellers to Europe. Private boat charters and seafront accommodation won’t break the bank, especially if you share with friends. The recent influx of tourism means road and hotel infrastructure has been improved, making it easier than ever to visit. So whatever you do, make sure to spend some time on the water and interact with locals – a day out on the sea and their friendly demeanours will make you never want to leave. Best for: Active Travellers; Arts + Culture Lovers; Backpackers/Budget Travellers; Couples/Honeymooners; History Buffs; Nature Lovers; Beach Bums; Cruising

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