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Don’t let Colombia’s former bad-boy reputation fool you: it’s one of South America’s most captivating travel destinations. Criss cross the country and you’ll experience a whirlwind of geographic variety: Amazonian rainforests and savannahs, brilliant Caribbean beaches and Andean mountain peaks. Colombia is renowned for its coffee, alluring dance moves, and passionate soccer fans – okay, and its cocaine. The Spanish-speaking country has largely overcome a decades-long civil war and opened its doors to tourism and urban revitalisation in a big way. There’s plenty to see and do in every corner: stroll the cobblestoned streets of romantic Cartagena; sunbathe at the beach with a copy of Love in the Time of Cholera by the Nobel-prize winning Colombian author, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, or shake your hips to a Shakira tune – she too, is Colombian. San Gil is an adventure-lover’s mecca with heart-pumping mountain biking, river rafting, horseback riding and caving. Intrepid travellers can trek Colombia’s Amazon jungles at the Reserva Natural Zacambu or explore once-lost archaeological digs at San Agustin. Meanwhile, city-dwellers can revel in Bogota’s vibrant, up-and-coming arts scene. Best for: Active Travellers, Adrenaline Junkies, Arts + Culture Lovers, Eco Travellers, Nature Lovers

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Where snowy mountains descend into lush rainforests, rolling down to Caribbean beaches...

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