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Most travellers regard Bangkok as a necessary stop on the way to Thailand’s pristine island retreats or full moon parties, rather than a destination in itself. However, this busy city is a fun place to people watch, with lots to do, see and savour. Plus, most attractions and activities are incredibly affordable, so your hard-earned rands will go far. Visit the heart of Bangkok – The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew. It’s one of the most revered and iconic sites in Thailand. South of the palace is the Temple of Wat Pho, the birthplace of Thai massage and home to a massive reclining Buddha, plated with gold. The reclining Buddha stretches 46m and is one of more than 1,000 Buddha images at the temple complex. While you’re in the area, take a river ferry to Wat Arun – the views from the top are stunning, as is the intricate stone architecture. Or, for an easier hike, climb the 318 stairs of Golden Mountain (also known as Wat Saket) for panoramic views of the city. Bangkok hasn’t been nicknamed “The Big Mango” for nothing. Thai food is some of the best cuisine on earth. From steamy red, green and yellow curries, to cashews and coconut-flavoured treats, you’ll want to sample your fill in Bangkok. A good place to do this is at one of the cities many markets. Wang Lang Market is a good bet for street eats (like deep fried pork pieces that melt in your mouth). Chatuchak Weekend Market, meanwhile, is Thailand’s largest market where you can find anything and everything from its close to 15,000 formal and informal vendors. Or step aboard one of the city’s iconic floating markets – these are geared towards tourists, however they’re still fun. No visit to Bangkok would be complete without a stroll along Khao San Road. This is a hub for nightlife and backpackers from around the world. It’s full of cheap bards, street cafes, music shops, guesthouses and interesting characters. Just watch your pockets. Best for: Active Travellers; Voluntourists; Families; Couples/Honeymooners; Backpackers/Budget Travellers; Special Events + Parties; Religious Travellers; Foodies

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Old meets new in this multi-layoured, vibrant city

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