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Most travellers come to Zambia for the quintessential safari experience: it’s one of the best places to see wilderness areas that remain largely untouched by the outside world.

One such place is the Luangwa River valley and South Luangwa National Park – an intricate ecosystem that thrives due to its minimal contact with humans. There are only a few dirt roads leading the the reserve and it has become known as “the Valley of the Leopard” for its regular sightings of this typically-reclusive big cat. The density of game here is mind-blowing.

No trip to Zambia would be complete without a visit to Victoria Falls – a natural wonder that falls short of superlatives. The falls are experienced from both the Zambian and Zimbabwean side and it’s best to know what you’re after if you can only visit one side. The Devil’s Pool sits on the Zambian side at Livingstone – this rock pool at the top of the falls is must for thrill-seekers looking to capture a shot of themselves reclining on a naturally-formed “armchair”, watching water cascade into abyss. Another way to get your heart-pumping is to paddle the mighty Zambezi River from Batoka Gorge – it’s some of the wildest whitewater rafting in the world. 

If you cherish travel at a slower pace, experience the Zambezi River and its abundant wildlife onboard a river cruise. With appetisers and sundowners, these journeys are leisurely and allow you to take in the sights and sounds of Mother Nature – including crocodiles, hippos and birdlife (and maybe elephants, lions or water buffalo, if you’re lucky). 

The Zambezi is Africa’s fourth-longest river and has been nicknamed the “river of life” by local tribes. It flows through six countries (Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique) on its journey to the Indian Ocean and is a crucial source of fertile agricultural soils and fish. Though landlocked, Zambia has more water than most African countries thanks to its plentiful rivers, lakes and waterfalls.

But don’t overlook Zambia’s urban centres – that would mean ignoring its people and their rich cultural heritage. Zambia is home to more than 70 different ethnic groups and languages; its people are welcoming, easy-going and warm. 

The capital, Lusaka, is one of Africa’s fastest growing cities when it comes to mining and commerce; smaller cities such as Livingstone, Chingola, Kitwe and Ndola are also developing thanks to tourism and industrial pursuits. Tourism remains a valuable tool for protecting the country’s parks and wilderness areas, so get out there and do your bit. 

 Best for: 

 Active Travellers; Eco Travellers; Nature Lovers; Voluntourists

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