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If you think Germany is all about beer, lederhosen and sausages, you’re in for a shock. Known for their order and efficiency, Germans also love to let their hair down – they’ve embraced edgy street art, wild dance clubs and electronic music and produce some of the world’s best Gewurztraminer and Riesling wines. 

Of course, there are also hundreds of varieties of sausage, plenty of places to celebrate Oktoberfest (wearing lederhosen or a dirndl), enough freshly-baked bread and pastries to derail even the most devout Banting traveller, and more than 5,000 types of naturally-crafted beer. Make sure to spend at least one afternoon chatting with the locals over kaffee und kuchen (coffee and cake), or finding the country’s best Turkish döner kebab. 

Whether you’re here for an epic alpine ski trip, a romantic cruise down the castle-dotted Rhine or a hike deep into the Black Forest’s spa towns, Germany is culturally and geographically diverse. It is an easy destination for tourism – there are plenty of affordable hostels and guesthouses, and crisscrossing the country is blissfully simple by car or train (with the speed-limitless autobahn or the ultra-efficient railway system).

In less than a century, Germany has managed to distance itself from its haunting World War II past, rebuilding a more accepting and inclusive society from the bombed-out rubble. Concentration camps, Nazi-built state buildings and parts of the infamous Berlin Wall still stand, however, the focus is on remembering the past to prevent such atrocities from happening in future. 

Best for: 

 Arts + Culture Lovers; Backpackers/Budget Travellers; Couples/Honeymooners; Families; Foodies; History Buffs; LGBTQ-friendly; Special Events + Parties

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