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How To Recharge Your Relationship This Valentine’s Day

The Covid-19 pandemic has been tough on couples worldwide, with divorce law firms from the United Kingdom to India and everywhere in-between reporting a spike of up to 120% in divorces over the past two years.

The reasons are obvious, with UK law firm Stewarts Law summing up this global trend succinctly: “Sharing work and home space, as well as the pressure of home-schooling and health concerns, have proved to be too much for some and created a ‘perfect storm’ for relationships to break down.” 

So if you’re among the couples who have weathered the Covid storm and stayed together, you deserve a medal! You also deserve the chance to recharge your relationship with a break from the norm. And what better time to do just that than in February; the ‘month of love’. 

Here are 5 reasons why travel is the ultimate relationship doctor: 

Escaping the Rat Race Rekindles Romance

Modern day rat race culture has us facing the burdens of deadlines, decisions and managing household demands with little respite, a fact of life that has only intensified over the past two years. It’s not long before we fall into a state of complacency where we simply ‘do’ life with our partner.

Whether it’s a quick weekend breakaway close to home, or a weeklong island holiday, escaping the rat race is the best way to rekindle romance in the day-to-day at home. 

Forgotten Attractions Are Rediscovered 

Part of the reason society defines romantic relationships as being in the “honeymoon phase” is because the honeymoon is traditionally a time of travelling together. There are no routines, no obligations and no set times, giving you the space to slow down and open up to new thoughts, adventures and possibilities together. 

Honeymoons need not be once-off events: take another honeymoon to learn new things about each other and focus on the qualities that made you first fall in love.

But remember: the key to a successful second – or third, or fourth – honeymoon is to only bring your luggage (not your baggage).

Vulnerability Fosters Reconnection

When you relax, forget about the pressures of work, kids and/or day-to-day life, you become more open and emotionally vulnerable. This involves letting yourself feel a wide spectrum of emotions — the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly — and it’s the key to an authentic, intimate relationship, according to University of Houston research professor and TED-talk legend Brené Brown.

Relaxing together reminds couples that there’s so much more to the ‘homemaker’, ‘breadwinner’, ‘workaholic’ or ‘parent’ roles, and enables you to see each other as romantic partners once again.

Resting Reboots Learning 

Psychological and brain sciences professor, Susan Krauss Whitbourne, argues the human mind maximises learning in resting hours. A holiday together gives you more time to rest, relax and learn about things you’re interested in, and each other. 

You’ll be able to absorb information better in the down time, which means your conversations will be richer and have greater connection and meaning.

Travel Boosts Mental and Physical Health 

A Wisconsin Medical Journal’s study found that travel improves women’s mental health, while for men it reduces the risk of heart disease, according to a study conducted by the State University of New York. 

Medical studies aside, this makes common sense: who hasn’t returned from a great holiday or even weekend away feeling healthy and energised? 


The sounds of kids (your own or others) squealing with joy is wonderful if you’re on a family holiday, but it’s less than ideal if it’s  one-on-one time with your partner that you’re looking for. Which is why select resorts in Mauritius are adults-only.

This February, the adults-only Ambre resort is offering couples an irresistible deal: pay for 5 nights; stay for 7 with absolutely everything included: flights; return transfers, breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks; a huge selection of land and non-motorised water sports; and daily entertainment. 

A beachfront loveseat waiting for you at Ambre

A romantic getaway to the four-star contemporary Ambre is the stuff dreams are made of if you’re travelling without kids. Set along a tranquil beach between Belle-Mare and Trou d’Eau Douce on the untamed east coast of the island, uninterrupted views of the tropical Indian Ocean provide guests with prime seating to one of nature’s most spectacular moments every day: sunrise. Fill the rest of the day with spa treatments, water and land sports, superb dining and alone time in luxurious couple’s rooms. 

Sunset scenes at Ambre

The pay for 5 nights; stay for 7 special offer is priced from R24,500 pps and valid throughout February. Full details and Ts and Cs here.

Don’t miss out on this chance to recharge your relationship – contact your nearest Sure Travel agencytoday. 

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