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Don’t linger at India’s Taj Mahal

India’s most iconic landmark announced a fine for visitors who stay longer than three hours at the Unesco World Heritage Site, in a bid to reduce overcrowding. 

“If tourists exceed their time limit of three hours, they will be charged an extra amount equivalent to the ticket, which will have to be paid at the exit gate,” superintending archaeologist, ASI (Agra circle), Vasant Swarakar told The Times of India newspaper. 

“Entry time will also be enforced and if tourists don’t arrive at the slotted time, they will not be allowed entry and will have to buy a new ticket,” he added.

Currently, the white mausoleum in Agra sees as many as 50,000 people per day, according to Lonely Planet. A ticket currently costs 1,100 rupees (approx. R220) for foreign tourists plus an additional 200 rupees (R40) for an interior view of the main mausoleum.

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