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Cash in on instant rewards with Mango’s new loyalty programme

The perks that come with being loyal to an airline now just take hours to accrue, thanks to a new Mango rewards programme that will allow passengers to access rewards within 24 hours of paying for a ticket.

The programme, called GoRewards, is being called a “game-changer” for the airline industry, according to travel news website, eTNW — while most existing schemes require customers to maintain their loyalty over an extended period of months or even years, GoRewards offers “instant” rewards.

“For every flight booked, customers are entitled to three rewards up to the value of R2,000. If they book a return flight, they get double rewards. A family of four flying return can enjoy rewards of up to R16,000,” explains Mango’s acting CEO, Marelize Labuschagne.

Rewards remain valid for up to a month after the flight date and are redeemable for days out, dining, accommodation, entertainment, fashion, or wellness vouchers.

So how does it work? 

Within 24 hours of payment for the flight, Mango will send an email or SMS providing a unique code, which can be used to redeem the various reward vouchers on www.gorewards-flymango.com. Please contact your nearest Sure Travel agency if you have additional questions.

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