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Cable cars proposed on Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro to improve tourist access

Plans are underway to build a cable car up Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's tallest mountain, in a bid to improve day-trip access for tourists, those older than 50, and people with disabilities. 

According to Tanzania's Natural Resources and Tourism deputy minister, Constantine Kanyasu, the country wants to improve access to nature and wildlife at the top of the mountain along Machame route, which doubles as a bird migratory route.

 The proposed project is subject to the outcome of an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, to be conducted by a company called Crescent Environment and Management Consult Limited (CEM), according to a report by travel news website eTNW

The company "has engaged tour operators and other mountain stakeholders in the Kilimanjaro and Arusha region, and delivered presentations on the proposed cable car and lodge projects as part of the assessment", according to the site.

Opposition to the proposal

However, building the cable car will be an uphill climb — the plan has been met with resistance from some tourism industry players, including some tour operators, guides and porters. 

They argue climbing the mountain on foot is a lifetime experience and it would deny employment to nearly 250 000 unskilled porters who scale the mountain to earn money each year.

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