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5 times Emirates blew our minds

A great flight – with convenient check in, seamless boarding, in-flight amenities and helpful staff – can be the cherry on top of an epic adventure. Similarly, a bad one – with delays, lost luggage or surly staff – can be the stuff of nightmares. 

Few airlines know this better than multiple award-winning airline Emirates. Here are four times we think Emirates went above and beyond for its customers:

1. When Emirates introduced a bed in the sky fit for a king

You’ll never hope so much for a surprise upgrade like you will when you see Emirates’ new fully enclosed first class suites. Part of the Boeing 777 fleet, these personal suites feature floor-to-ceiling walls (handy for those times you fall asleep with your mouth wide open), in-suite binoculars, a 32-inch high definition TV and “zero gravity” seats that recline until fully flat (a godsend for long journeys!). 

All these private cabins (including central ones) have their own windows (real and virtual), as well as adjustable temperature and lighting controls – to ensure you won’t feel claustrophobic, too hot or too cold, and to help your body adjust to jet lag before you reach your destination. 

2. When we checked out the in-flight entertainment options

There’s a reason Skytrax (the international air transport rating organisation) has voted Emirates to have the  World’s Best Inflight Entertainment for 13 consecutive years: the airline offers more than 3,000 channels of movies, television shows, music and games – in a variety of languages. 

Too many options with too little flying time? Plan out your playlist before departure by visiting Emirates’ website – an entertainment search tool allows passengers to see what will be playing, even before take off.

3. When we expected airline food to be “meh”

Airline catering is tricky business. Low humidity and high pressurisation of the cabins dries out travellers’ nasal passages (making foods taste about a third less salty and sweet), so it can be difficult to get excited about meals in the clouds. Emirates’ chefs, however, have mastered the art of flavour while showcasing Middle Eastern cuisine

Even in economy class, guests can enjoy decadent dishes such as lamb brochette with Arabic spices or grilled chicken breast with caramelised plums. The airline also offers extras like champagne, or – for first class travellers – High Tea and hors d’oeuvres in the Onboard Lounges.

4. When we had a layover and really needed to freshen up

Whether you’ve landed just in time for a business meeting or to see your long-distance love, sometimes a quick bathroom face splash isn’t enough. Emirates has airport lounges and affiliate lounges in more than 90 cities worldwide with showers, a reliable WiFi connection, and gourmet food and drink. Lounges are free to Business Class or First Class passengers, or Emirates Skywards Gold or Platinum members. 

But for the ultimate Business Class lounge experience, you have to try Emirates’ flagship lounge at its Dubai International Airport hub. It’s huge – as in so big it takes a full 15 minutes to walk from one side to the other. Think of it more as a mini hotel within an airport: leather recliners with ottomans; partitioned relaxation areas to catch some shut-eye; swanky cigar bars for the smokers; two restaurants in addition to countless snack and premium label liquor stations. Then there are the shower facilities with top of the range amenities and, at an extra cost, a Timeless Spa adjacent to the lounge. We could go on and on, but we’ll leave you with this warning instead: you may never want to board your flight. 

5. When we discovered Emirates is the world’s largest flying restaurant

It’s true: Emirates serves 190 meals every minute, of every day, 365 days a year. Take a look at these blow-your-mind stats:

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